Addicts are Aging

In 2005, 184,400 Americans who were admitted to drug treatment programs (roughly 10% of the total) were over 50 years old, up from 143,000, (8%) in ’01.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration foresees 4.4 million older substance abusers by 2020 vs. 1.7 million in ’01. The numbers are “likely to swamp the current system,” says agency executive Deborah Trunzo. (New York Times 3/7/08)

The Power of Surrender

By Steve Gallagher

In our day of civil liberties it is difficult for us to comprehend what it was like for people living in biblical times under the authority of a king. He was a dictator with absolute control over every person in his kingdom. The fairness of this wasn’t examined on 60 Minutes. The legality of it wasn’t challenged in court by the ACLU. There were no protest marches outside the palace. The king’s authority was simply accepted by his subjects as a part of life. Nobody would think of questioning it.
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