Phase Four

Walking Free and Whole

Throughout his New Heart Place experience, the disciple has had the opportunity to develop a lifestyle that includes:

  • A daily time of worship, meditation on the Word, and prayer
  • Weekly experiences in Healing and Recovery
  • Corporate worship and prayer (Tuesday night prayer meeting)
  • Corporate worship and the preaching of the Word (Sunday morning church service)
  • Small group experiences/encounters
  • The development of godly relationships within the Westgate Chapel family

The disciple has been given all the tools and experiences he needs to "stand strong in the power of His might" (Eph. 6).

The choices the disciple makes now will determine the "sustainability of the freedom" he has experienced. He has turned from sin. He has turned FROM a life of selfishness, manipulation, and lies, not to mention a life of drugs and alcohol. He has turned TO a life of knowing, loving, experiencing, and obeying Jesus Christ. 

And he's not alone. As a graduate of New Heart Place, the disciple is a member of the Brotherhood. Moving out of New Heart Place does not mean moving out of the hearts and support structure and friendships that were birthed and developed there. He has made friends that will last a lifetime; friends that stick closer than a brother: The New Heart Brotherhood.