Induction Phase

Preparing for Life at New Heart Place 

The Induction Phase welcomes the new resident into a the community of New Heart Place.  Throughout the three to four weeks of the Induction Phase, the staff carefully guides the new resident through the following three processes:

  • Stabilization 
    • Many of the inductees who are admitted into the New Heart Place community come very broken physiologically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually. The Induction Phase offers the new resident the opportunity to stabilize those four critical areas of his wellness        
  • Assimilation
    • In the first few weeks of a new resident's participation in the New Heart Place program, the staff carefully guides the inductee through an orientation and assimilation into the schedule, policies and procedures, curricula and activities of New Heart Place 
  • Initiation
    • The New Heart Place staff "begins with the end in mind;" meaning, from the first few weeks of an inductee's New Heart Place experience, he is initiated into the lifestyle patterns of a man of God.