Five Phases

The Program Phases of New Heart Place have been carefully designed to guide a disciple through a process dependent on the presence and power of God, the healing, transforming dynamic of the Word of God, and the gentle ministry of the Holy Spirit.
The five (5) program phases of New Heart Place are: 
  • Induction Phase: Preparing for Life at New Heart Place
  • Phase One: Learning to Follow Jesus
  • Phase Two: Growing Strong in Christ
  • Phase Three: Standing in the Power
  • Phase Four: Walking Free and Whole
The five (5) phases of the New Heart Place program offer the sincere student the opportunity to experience healing and growth through phase-specific curriculum, personalized learning experiences, one-on-one coaching, Holy Spirit guided counseling, large and small group study groups, and interpersonal relationships with the Westgate Chapel community of faith.
During the first four (4) weeks of a student's New Heart Place experience, he is offered a warm, caring environment in which he is allowed to "stabilize" physiologically while guided through the processes of assimilation and initiation into the New Heart Place community and program.
Phases One, Two and Three are presented through four (4) distinct program tracks:
  1. Spiritual Formation
  2. Emotional Wholeness
  3. Nutrition and Fitness
  4. Vocational Readiness