What If?

What if...there was something you could do to rescue a man and his family from years of addiction, hopelessness, shame, and failed recovery attempts?

What if...there was a way to lead a man to a place of healing and wholeness; a place wherein he could stand tall and strong as a man of God, filled with the Holy Spirit, and marked with destiny?

There is a place where God gives a new heart, new and right desires, and puts a new Spirit in a man.

Why New Heart Place?

__Treatment    __Relapse     __Treatment

__Treatment    __Relapse     __Treatment

__Treatment    __Relapse     __Treatment
Boring, isn't it?  Not to mention expensive.
Is this it?  Is this all an addict or alcoholic has to look forward to for the rest of his life?
At the core of the New Heart Place program is a commitment - a faith commitment - to the promise God offers to every addict, every alcoholic who find themselves hopelessly trapped in the despair of the "treatment-relapse cycle."  The promise is recorded in the Old Testament of the Bible (Ezekiel 36:26):
"I (God) will give you (everyone trapped in the despair of addiction) new heart. I will give you new and right desires, and I will put a new spirit in you." 
New Heart Place is not treatment. It is an after-care program committed to offer every man ready to "get on with the rest his life" the training, tools, skills and support necessary to live whole and free and strong.
Why New Heart Place?
Because you may be able to get "clean and sober" without Jesus.  But you can't get healed without Him.
Are you ready to take hold of the promise for yourself?  You can have a new heart with new and right desires.  God can put a new spirit - His Spirit  - in you!